Welcome to IT Support at Queen’s College, Oxford

Every college in Oxford has an IT Office – Queen’s is no exception. We look after all ICT equipment within College and can offer help and advice on IT matters. If you have any problems or queries regarding your computer whilst at Queen’s you can come and talk to us. We will do our best to try and help.

When you first get to Oxford you are bombarded with information so to help with the IT side of things you can use this page as a checklist so you don’t forget anything.

1. Oxford User Accounts – you can activate these accounts BEFORE getting to Oxford.

  1. OXFORD Single Sign-On (SSO) – used for email and many many other services
  2. REMOTE ACCESS – used for Eduroan wireless and VPN

2. Get your computer and smartphone connected to the Internet

3. University Card

4. Everything you wanted to know about Oxford email

5. Download Sophos Anti-virus for free

6. Download Microsoft Office 365 for free

7. Printing in College

8. Booking meals and paying Batells online

9. College computer rooms (Moffatt and Berners-Lee)

10. Peer to Peer (P2P) file sharing

11. Software and tools

12. Backup

13. Electronic door entry (keypad and proximity)

14. Update your skills

15. IT repairs and breakdowns

16. Looking for a new computer or tablet?

  • Apple provide Higher Education discounts for their products via their HE portal – UNiDAYS
  • XMA also has a portal for Apple and Microsoft products (sometimes a bit cheaper than UNiDAYS) – theEDUstore

17. BBC iPlayer and TV Licences

18. Overseas Student Enrolment Certificate