Eduroam – Renewing Radius certificates

IT Services will be renewing the certificates for Radius servers tomorrow morning
(2nd February) at 9am.

What on Earth does this mean?

It means that your Eduroam connection may break and either: 

  1. you will be prompted to accept a new Radius certificate on your computer / phone / tablet device, and/or
  2. you will be prompted to enter your REMOTE ACCESS credentials on your computer / phone / tablet device.

If you still cannot get connected then you may need to reinstall the certificates using the Eduroam Configuration Assistant Tool (CAT)

  1. Connect the OWL wireless network and then open a web browser on your computer.
  2. Visit the Eduroam CAT website at :
  3. Click the “eduroam user: download your eduroam installer” button at the bottom of the webpage
  4. Search “University of Oxford” – installers for other institutions will not work with your OXFORD credentials!
  5. You will then be presented with various installers – choose your operating system
  6. Once the installer has downloaded run the installer program
  7. When prompted for username and password make sure you append @OX.AC.UK to your username
  8. Once installed (and you are within range of an Eduroam Wireless network!) you may be prompted to enter your user credentials again – as a final security check; after which your computer / device will remember your password so you don’t have to keep typing it in.

Phishing getting serious now in Oxford

This is a very targeted Phishing attempt to Oxford University staff and students.

These types of phishing emails are ONLY going to get more sophisticated. Please be extra careful in your inbox.



You should read this blog post from OxCERT on how to recognised a genuine Oxford login page.

How to recognize the University of Oxford Web Login Pages

Hone your Phishing skills

Here is another example to help hone your skills on how to spot scam / phishing messages


If you ever receive an Oxford University specific scam / phishing email then you should forward it directly to IT Services Phishing Team.

How full is your inbox?

You can easily check your Inbox capacity – learn how here:

Microsoft Exchange (Nexus) connecting to Apple Mail client

Earlier in the year the Apple Mail client got updated which now means that it asks for more information when connecting to Microsoft Exchange servers.

As you know Oxford University uses Microsoft Exchange.

Apple Mail now asks for Internal and External URLs. For Oxford Nexus use this address for both Internal and External fields:

Here is a screenshot which should help you get your Nexus email configured with Apple Mail.


Student TV Licence and BBC iPlayer

Do you want to convert your laptop into a Time Machine and travel back in time like Dr Who? Then you’ll be needing a TV Licence.


The law is changing with regard to TV Licences and BBC iPlayer.

From 1 September 2016, you need to be covered by a TV Licence if you download or watch BBC programmes on BBC iPlayer on devices which are connected to mains power – no matter whether that is Live, catch up or on demand.

For example charging your laptop whilst watching BBC iPlayer will need a TV Licence.

Learn more about the TV Licence changes here:

BBC News website has a useful article here: